Your Own Book

TELL the story of your mission, your Brand and your people.

green-arrowAll successful endeavours have an interesting and informative history. We’re experts at making yesterday a part of today.

green-arrowPut down in writing your organization’s key values, mission, and vision for a productive and active future.

green-arrowShowcase in clear terms how you are different from others in your field, and how you approach your work differently.

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green-arrowTell your community about your good works, and how your organization plays an important role in the lives of community members.

green-arrowLet the world know about your accomplishments. Are you sure that they really know exactly what you do, and the value you add by doing it well?

green-arrowSet yourself apart from competitors by communicating directly with your customers in a friendly 'unadvertising' method.

Here’s how it works


You have a story to tell, and prospects want to hear it – in your words. We will write your story with your input. We use your history, an intensive questionnaire, plus an interview session (if required) to bring out the interesting facts of your service to the community.


A corporate story book need not be lengthy. In fact, a shorter book almost guarantees a complete and thorough read through. We get right to the point from the first page.  Often, 40 - 60 pages will do the job quite well.


Your story will be written by Terry Straker; an award winning writer and published author (UNZIPPED MARKETING / Epic Press). He has also published articles with the Toronto Star, Financial Post, the CFA, Canadian Franchise Magazine, and other industry trade publications.


Your inclusive book fee includes title development, basic cover layout and all creative writing to bring your book to print stage. We also supervise the printing of your cover, the individual pages, the final binding, and delivery to your door. Fee includes your author copy.

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