why you should book Terry Straker as a Marketing Speaker... And how you get the benefits!

Top Reasons

  • Terry is the author of UNZIPPED MARKETING, an Epic Press book written for independent business owners.
  • His partnership put on successful 8 month Business Seminar Programs that required finding and hiring other professional speakers.
  • Terry is an Entrepreneur. He has owned successful retail businesses, a furniture manufacturing facility, a wholesale distribution company, and a successful sales consulting practice.
  • He is recognized by his peers by winning international marketing awards including creative awards for web, video and broadcast media.
  • Terry has worked with the Chambers of Commerce, Colleges, Private Interest Groups and Business Associations, delivering workshops as well as Self Employment Seminar Programs.

Your Benefits

  • You get material that has been proven in the marketplace. A speaker with author status also has credibility as an expert in their field.
  • Terry can empathize with you. He has hired speakers and he knows what you need. He can help make your job easier.
  • His years of experience will be immediately apparent. His sessions are not theory, but based on ‘what works’. He knows what it is like to meet a payroll and keep employees motivated and happy.
  • You are hiring a speaker that has immediate credibility with the audience. As a sought after speaker by his industry peers, you can be assured that you are getting quality.
  • Terry has presented in Metro communities, cities, towns and small communities. He knows how to ‘ground’ his seminar the members of the audience.